Quality, Efficiency and Performance



KingTool Company is dedicated to producing the industry’s finest separation equipment with an uncompromising commitment to quality. KingTool Company is an ASME code shop with only code-approved welders and the best equipment.  All vessels are produced by skilled craftsmen and checked by an outstanding quality control department for ASME pressure vessel compliance at all stages of fabrication.


KingTool equipment restores and/or maintains 100% reliability to mechanical equipment and downstream processes.


KingTool equipment is manufactured and designed for safe operation and maintenance upon the compliance with general safety procedures or specific instructions where appropriate. Moreover, KingTool equipment is typically designed to protect other operating units, thus providing an improvement upon process safety in general.


A marked advantage of KingTool equipment is the reduced cost in life-long expenditures on repairs and maintenance. KingTool units are designed to be consistent, long-lived, and easily managed, thus creating cost-effective and time-saving equipment.

Timely Deliveries:

All elements of production (engineering design, fabrication, painting and testing) are handled directly by our dedicated staff at our Plant in Longview, Texas—no subcontract services are utilized—allowing for prompt and dependable services and production as appropriately specified in each proposal premise.


KingTool has been in continuous operation since 1945, and has maintained focus on its core business—supplying the highest quality gas separation and filtration processing equipment.


KingTool Company’s uncompromising approach toward the design of all of its products has withstood the test of time.  Still, as in-house improvements are developed, which enhance the operations or lessen maintenance for the service personnel, they are expeditiously implemented.


All gas separation equipment is custom designed and built to our client’s exact operating conditions.  Modifications to the design of most units may be incorporated with little to no disruption in schedule.


KingTool offers over 65 years of proven technology—no unit has ever failed in the service for which it was designed. Along with the equipment, our sales team, design engineers, and drafting department work hard to produce specific, quality quotes in a timely and cooperative manner.


As all KingTool equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, its employees are very knowledgeable of virtually every aspect of the equipment design and manufacturing processes. The KingTool team enjoys spreading the word about their rewarding company by offering to host plant tours or free seminars at your location. Contact a representative today to learn more about KingTool Company.


  • Client references may be provided for specific applications, upon request.