Quality, Efficiency and Performance


KingTool Sizing Procedures:

KingTool Company has been separating liquids and solids from natural gas for over 65 years, and in that time there have been NO cases in which KingTool equipment failed to perform as predicted from a process standpoint. Our experience and pilot-plant testing have resulted in a dependable advanced state-of-the-art sizing procedure that has been used by KingTool Company since 1974.


KingTool Vane Construction:

KingTool Company fabricates vane mist extractors with at least six fillet welds holding each vane in place.  These are designed and manufactured to assure that no bolts, spacers, or nuts will come loose in service and cause problems. The vane is vital to efficient separation in many of the KingTool units, and the unique design for installation of these mist extractors makes the quality of KingTool separators top-of-the-line.

KingTool Filter Elements:

The fiberglass filter elements used in KingTool filter separators are the heart of the filter separator, so the guarantee of proper manufacturing and expert installation procedures are another design advantage unique to KingTool Company. These elements are manufactured in-house and are installed in a unique concentric circle arrangement to ensure the most efficient use of space within the vessel.


KingTool Element Lifespan:

KingTool Company typically employs 72-inch long filter elements over the standard 36-inch elements used in competitive units. The longer elements account for a much smaller pressure drop and provide a decided advantage in coalescing area and volume. The biggest benefit provided by the 72-inch elements comes with less frequent replacements and longer element life.