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Automatic Self-Cleaning Reverse Flow Mist Coalescer with Integral Slug Interceptor

Reverse Flow Coalescers

One of the most popular designs is our patented KingTool AUTOMATIC SELF-CLEANING REVERSE FLOW MIST COALESCER with INTEGRAL SLUG INTERCEPTOR. This unit is designed to effectively remove entrained liquids, associated solids, and slugs of liquids from a gas stream based on our unique proprietary design. The Reverse Flow Coalescer is specifically designed to solve problems experienced throughout all areas of the oil and gas industry. This unit removes iron sulfides, chlorides, light hydrocarbon liquids, slugs of hydrocarbon liquids and water, and viscous fluids such as oil, paraffins, and glycols.

The Reverse Flow Coalescer is ideal for removing viscous fluids from gas streams. As there is no impingement type device used in this unit, the potential for plugging up such a device is eliminated. Even without any impingement device, the Reverse Flow Coalescer removes virtually all liquid and solid particles from the gas stream without the threat of high pressure drops or liquid carryover. In addition, this unit will be designed with our unique automatic self-cleaning feature, which cleans the filter elements by back-flowing while remaining in full service. This feature allows for scheduled downtime and the avoidance of unexpected maintenance costs due to collapsed or dirty filter elements.

Automatic Self-Cleaning Reverse Flow Mist Coalescer

The reverse flow concept incorporates a velocity-type separation and filtration that prevents any re-entrainment of coalesced liquids and solid particles into the gas stream. The self-cleaning and slug interceptor features are options that allow for longer use of the replaceable filter elements. The Reverse Flow Mist Coalescer with Integral Slug Interceptor is a very efficient means of cleaning gas, removing 99.99% by weight of all entrained liquid particles and associated solids down to 0.4 microns. This unit restores and/or maintains 100% reliability to mechanical equipment and downstream process. All parts of the KingTool Automatic Self-Cleaning Reverse Flow Mist Coalescer with Integral Slug Interceptor are manufactured in-house, including the fiberglass filter elements.