Quality, Efficiency and Performance

Vane Separators

Conventional Vane Separators

KingTool Company Vertical and Horizontal VANE SEPARATORS offer efficient removal of entrained liquids from gas streams and can be designed to remove “slugs” of liquid. The heart of this unit is the unique, high-efficiency KingTool Company Vane Mist Extractor. Horizontal separators utilize a full-sized longitudinal vane which allows for more vane surface area in a smaller diameter vessel as compared with a vertical vane configuration. With over forty years of successful operating experience of horizontal and vertical separators, coupled with our unique Vane Mist Extractor design and construction, KingTool Company assures our customers of optimal operating efficiency and reliability for each application.


Each KingTool Company Vane Mist Extractor is manufactured in-house of all welded construction, and individual traps are welded to each of the vanes. All vanes are positioned by welding to intermediate spacers and to the element housing at the top and bottom of the extractor. This construction assures that vibration and/or liquid impingement will not bend or move the vanes and thereby alter unit performance. Of the three typical impingement type devices, Vane Mist Extractors prove superior to mesh pad and centrifugal type extractors due to separation efficiency, life span, and performance range.


Possible slugs of liquids expected?  Not a problem for KingTool, as our horizontal and vertical vane separators can be designed to completely disengage these large quantities of liquid before they migrate downstream to the Vane Mist Extractor; therefore, eliminating any possible damage to vessel internals and preventing massive mist carry over.


Inline Separators

KingTool INLINE SEPARATORS are much like the conventional vane-type separators in that they do not require filter elements, but instead employ a KingTool Vane Mist Extractor. These separators are typically used for gas streams at small flow rates, have larger nozzles, and are configured vertically to minimize space needed for the unit. A great use for KingTool Inline Separators is at compressor interstages, where the gasses need to be cleaned of mist created from cooling during compression. All parts of KingTool Inline Separators are manufactured in-house, including the Vane Mist Extractor.