Quality, Efficiency and Performance

Dry Filters

Conventional Dry Filters

For dry gas systems in need of cleaning, the KingTool DRY FILTER provides efficient removal of solid particulates down to 1 micron in size. The conventional forward-flow Dry Filter employs fiberglass filter elements, which are manufactured by KingTool Company. These units can be configured horizontally or vertically. An optional feature on the dry filter units is a self-cleaning manifold, which allows a back-flow stream to clean the filter elements while allowing the unit to continue operation in full service. All KingTool equipment is designed and fabricated by KingTool Company alone, allowing us to guarantee timely and dependable service to our customers.

Inline Filters

KingTool INLINE FILTERS are much like the conventional dry filters in that they require filter elements to clean dry gas streams. These separators differ in that they are typically used for gas streams at small flow rates, have larger nozzles that aligned parallel, and are configured vertically to minimize space needed for the unit. In addition, rather than employing 6-foot elements, as do conventional filters, KingTool Inline Filters are designed with 3-foot elements. All parts of KingTool Inline Filters are manufactured in-house, including the fiberglass filter elements.