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Natural Gas Odorizers

Natural Gas Odorizers

KingTool Company manufactures and stocks two different lines of NATURAL GAS ODORIZERS, both of which utilize the well-accepted absorption method. The “B” SERIES odorizers are appropriate for flow rates up to 8 MMSCF per hour, while the “W” SERIES are recommended for flow rates less than 500 SCF per hour. Both types are easily operated and maintained, making them excellent choices for most natural gas odorizing needs.

“B” Series Odorizers

For these bypass-type odorizers, a very small amount of mainstream natural gas is bypassed through the unit, and the odorant-laden gas is retured to the gas main to mix with the larger portion of gas flow. These odorizers are designed to allow the small amount of gas to absorb enough odorant to produce the desired odor intensity in the main gas line. KingTool offers “B” Series Odorizers in six different sizes, which are all similar in design and operate in the same manner.


These odorizers are highly efficient and economical, as they have no moving parts and present almost no mechanical problems. The current design incorporates the use of a float-actuated level gauging system as in the past, except the level gauge glass has been replaced with the King Tool Company Positive Action Indicator. The Positive Action Indicator is completely compatible with all King Tool Company “B” Series odorizers and standard storage tanks purchased in the past, and can be retrofitted in just a few minutes.


“W” Series Odorizers

The “W” Series odorizers require narrow boiling range odorants and are available in four models: 1-W, 3-W, 4-W, and 5-W. The “W” units are offered for very small flow applications which include: domestic farm taps, camps, trailers, instrumentation leak detection and other related needs. The rating of each model is 500 SCFH, except for the 4-W, and the design pressure is 300 PSIG. Where some continuous flow is known to exist, the 3-W or 5-W is recommended over the 1-W because of its larger reservoir capacity.
The 4-W model, complete with Positive Action Indicator and fill connection, uses a special, larger wick assembly to allow for on-stream adjustments to gas odorant concentration. It has a higher rated capacity of 5000 SCFH. Higher design pressures are available upon request for 4-W units.