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Separator Scrubbers

Oil Bath Separator Scrubber

After over 60 years of varied applications with users throughout the world, the KingTool OIL BATH SEPARATOR SCRUBBER still stands at the top of the many types of gas cleaners on the market today. A true testament to the value of this equipment is given in that after many years in commission, some of the first units are still performing the same fine service for which they were originally designed. The KingTool Oil Bath Separator Scrubber provides high efficiency in liquid and solid removal, as well as a constant low pressure drop and minimal maintenance requirements. This unit can be sized and fitted to meet the needs of a particular process, and KingTool Company promises careful analysis and specialized attention for each application under consideration.


The KingTool Oil Bath Separator Scrubber works by first passing the gas through a large capacity Vane Mist Extractor, which removes the major portion of the liquid present in the gas stream. The unit may be equipped with an automatic trap or dump to control the level of liquid accumulation in the lower sump, as appropriate.
The remaining solids and foreign matter are removed by contact with an oil-wetted bundle. The scrubbing bundle in the second section is vital both to cleanse the gas of solid particulates, including iron sulfide, and to increase the efficiency of the unit as a liquid separator. As this bundle is continually rotated by means of a 0.25-hp explosion-proof motor, the bundle is contacted with an oil bath, which provides a washing action and creates the wetted surface to which foreign particles will adhere.


Another attractive feature within the scrubbing section is the second Vane Mist Extractor located at the unit outlet. This extractor is designed to capture any entrained oil that may have been picked up by the gas after passing through the scrubbing element, and serves as an additional safeguard against excessive oil losses when maximum recommended capacities may be breached. All parts of KingTool Company units are manufactured in-house, including the Vane Mist Extractor and bundle element.


Tricon 3-Stage Separator Scrubbers

KingTool Company has developed a solution to the most difficult problems in removing liquids and solids from gas streams. This solution is the KingTool TRICON 3-STAGE SEPARATOR SCRUBBER, a unit that is environmentally friendly, efficient and safe to operate, and dependable over a wide range of operation requirements. Similar to the KingTool Oil Bath Separator Scrubber, the KingTool Tricon employs a Vane Mist Extractor to properly remove mist in the process gas and finally a rotating bundle filter element to trap entrained solids and foreign particles within a gas stream.
The difference presented in the Tricon is an initial Slug Interceptor, which is a chamber designed to allow all free liquids and slugs to fall out of the gas stream prior to the Vane Mist Extractor and the bundle element. By removing these liquids and slugs, the Tricon Slug Interceptor promotes consistent and quality separation in the final two stages of the unit.


The Tricon 3-Stage Separator Scrubber shows marked advantages over other similar separation equipment, as it was designed to tackle some of the most difficult problems in the gas cleaning spectrum. One example includes the removal of iron sulfide and other “black powder” family members, which as a group cause, perhaps, the biggest setback of all pipeline contaminants. As these impurities tend to shear and follow gas uncontrollably, they continue to pollute pipelines equipped with even the very best filter cartridges. The KingTool Tricon is designed based on low velocities in order to prevent shearing and particle degradation, which in turn allows the black powder particles to be captured by the liquid in the contactor section. The self-cleaning feature provided in the contactor section insures consistent optimum performance.


Another advantage of the KingTool Tricon 3-Stage Separator Scrubber comes with maintaining the vessel. As there is no downtime for maintenance and the contactor liquid can be changed quickly while the unit is in service, there is no need for additional equipment, by-pass systems, or shut-downs to clean the vessel when needed. The maintenance on this unit is simply a one-person job.
Not only does the KingTool Tricon 3-Stage Separator Scrubber save on maintenance costs, it also provides a savings in compressor costs. The unit creates no build-up in differential pressure over operating times, allowing for the desired outlet pressure to be maintained constantly. This option saves in compressor fuel consumption and maintenance costs and provides dependability in gas compression systems. The KingTool Tricon performs the work of two vessels in one unit and is the most practical unit for highly efficient removal of solids and liquids from gas streams. All parts of the KingTool Tricon 3-Stage Separator Scrubber are manufactured in house, including the Vane Mist Extractor and the bundle element.