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Over 65 years of experience

KingTool Company was founded in 1945 by Roy King for the manufacturing of a variety of goods for the oil and gas industry. The company has been under the same management since 1965 and has grown to employ a full staff of experienced and skilled men and women to handle its engineering, fabrication, and management. KingTool’s engineering and manufacturing facility is located in Longview, Texas, where it boasts over 46,000 square feet of shop space and 126 tons of crane capacity for the production of top-of-the-line separation equipment.

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"The combination of science theory, sound engineering, field testing and over 65 years of experience is solid assurance that KingTool equipment will perform as specified every time."

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  • Quality, Consistency and Reliability
    Quality, Consistency and Reliability
    As a leading supplier of separation equipment over the past 65 years, KingTool Company has a reputation for consistency, reliability, and quality in the wide-spread application of separation technology. Core values at KingTool include honesty, integrity, and genuine care towards both customers and employees. Each customer is served specifically as an individual, and KingTool representatives value the quality of friendly and cooperative interaction.
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  • Manufacturing and TestingManufacturing and Testing
    In order to guarantee product quality, KingTool Company does all manufacturing at the Longview shop. Manufacturing and testing capabilities include plate rolling, ASME code welding and fitting, X-ray and hydrostatic testing, ultrasonic examination, stress relief, and numerous other processes required for the safe and consistent production of quality separation vessels.
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