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Filter Separator

Conventional Forward Flow Filter Separators

Conventional Filter Separators  Many years of experience and accumulated data, combined with advanced analysis techniques, enable KingTool to accurately design equipment for each specific application. KingTool Company began building its FILTER SEPARATOR line with the idea of optimization by utilizing its own ingenious, concentric circle filter element arrangement, which accommodates the largest number of filter elements for any given vessel diameter. The advantage of this unique configuration comes with increased contact surface area and depth media resulting in lower pressure drops and longer life span for the filter elements.


KingTool Filter Separators also employ a KingTool Vane Mist Extractor. The KingTool Vane Mist Extractor is the most effective impingement-type device used in gas separation systems, removing liquid mist from gas streams and preventing re-entrainment as the impinged liquid particles coalesce and flow into the corner traps of the extractor. The Vane Mist Extractor is used as opposed to mesh pad and centrifugal type devices because of its ability to handle liquids without plugging, overloading, or shearing the mist particles. The longevity and effectiveness of a Vane Mist Extractor, especially one preceded by filter elements, is superior in the scope of applicable separation equipment.


One of the most important factors in the overall efficiency of a filter separator, and one which is
largely ignored, is the length of the filter elements. The element length affects such things as filter life and coalescing effectiveness.  Instead of 3-foot long filter elements, used in competitive units, KingTool employs 6-foot long elements as standard throughout its line of horizontal, forward flow filter separators. These 6-foot elements have a decided advantage in coalescing area and volume plus four times the run time as compared with 3-foot filter elements that require more frequent change-out and disposal which contributes to higher operating costs.

Since the filter elements are the heart of the filter separator, their construction is of utmost importance. KingTool filter elements are manufactured in-house, constructed of select phenolic resin fiberglass, secured by a sturdy metal structure and sandwiched between two different types of cloth to ease handling and prevent fiberglass migration. All parts of KingTool units, including Vane Mist Extractors and filter elements, are manufacture by KingTool Company to ensure quality equipment, convenient scheduling, and customer satisfaction.